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At our state of the art equipped veterinary surgical center in Hannover, we don’t only medically take care of your pet, we also ensure that your darling experiences as little stress and fear as possible. This is part of our philosophy.

We recommend regular screenings and check-ups. This allows us to identify possible illnesses at an early stage, enabling us to treat them early and gently. Your darling will be spared a lot of distress this way.

Thanks to ten years of surgical experience, we understand how our four-legged friends work, what scares them and how we can eliminate fear from their visit to our facility. We take gentle care of our little patients. The individual needs of your pet is our highest priority.

Our Team


Tim Meyer

Veterinary Surgeon


Sandra Smith

Veterinary Surgeon


Anabel Brown

Veterinary Surgeon


Samanta Simpson

Veterinary Surgeon

Emergency Contact

In an emergency, please contact us on our emergency number.
We will visit you as soon as possible